Nate Harrington, the field producer at ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, had seen the GO-Racers and thought they would be perfect for an upcoming home makeover for the Harper family. The problem for the Harpers was that when it rained their basement would fill up with raw sewage - not nice. Nate thought it would be a really fun idea to feature the GO-Racers on the show, given the trouble the Harpers were having.

Nate contacted us to see if we were interested in making six GO-Racers available for the show - we were honoured to be asked and of course said YES!!!

With the generous help of one of help of one of our customers, Scott Mager at Entertainment Connection, one of his crew and six GO-Racers were sent to the Harpers home in Atlanta, and the segment was filmed.

All the crew went wild over the GO-Racers and they used them to create a some comedy relief during the renovations, they were a perfect fit for this show and everybody on the team at Extreme Makeover Home Edition had a real blast riding them around - in fact they didn't want to let them go!

The show aired on ABC Sunday night primetime slot in the USA to an estimated 20 million people, and it's fair to say that the response was huge.

Check out the clip segment that features the GO-Racer.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition GO-Racer clip

Here's what the producer had to say:

"Hey Rick, they were a hit... they loved them! Thank you again for all the help. So sorry we have been so busy. Ty was in the hospital getting his appendix out. So we have had to restructure the show. I can't thank you enough and hopefully we can work together in the future."

Nate Harrington - Field Producer
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC & Endemol USA