The GO-Racer GT is a battery powered, ride-on, motorized fun vehicle. One GO-Racer GT chassis can accept different plastic body themes, from a toilet to a soda can, in fact almost anything you can imagine. You can choose from our current body selection or have a unique body theme custom made to suit your clients’ promotion. Here are just a few theme ideas...

Computer, Hamburger, Toilet, Golfball, Football Helmet, Basketball, Beer Keg, Soccer Ball, Roll of Film, Soda Can... the ideas are endless!

Our goal has been to provide a ‘Smarter Entertainment Product’, which will enable you to provide your customers with new, exciting and cost effective games on a regular basis. This is now a reality with the introduction of the GO-Racer GT.

You can stage your GO-Racer GT Grand Prix almost any place, any time: bars, on or off premise, fairs, local events, grand openings, point of sale, sporting events, conventions, parties, outdoor events, parades, office parties, corporate events - any time fun is ordered!

The GO-Racer GT will see you speeding even further ahead of your competitors. The GO-Racer GT is always a ‘BLAST’ at any event and a real favorite with everyone, from teenagers to company directors!

The GO-Racer GT is an ‘Awesome Entertainment Activity’ that’s an easy event to run. There is no heavy equipment to carry around, with minimum staff required to setup and run the show. The GO-Racer GT guarantees to provide plenty of fun and will keep the crowd entertained for hours.

Take this opportunity to race ahead of your competitors with the GO-Racer GT. The GO-Racer GT is ‘Explosive Entertainment’ and is unmatched by any interactive product - DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR.

Don’t miss an opportunity because you haven't got the GO-Racer GT!