Ken from Kapow in Australia discovered our GO-Racers and thought it would be a cool and fresh way to link the above the line launch of new 'Zero Sugar PepsiMax' and get people to try the product. The idea was greeted with enthusiasm by Pepsi Australia (Schweppes) who said go for it!

We provided two GO-Racer tracks and 10 GO-Racers with the Soda Can body theme - all in black (which has got to be our favourite colour... go the All Blacks!). The team at Kapow have fully branded the GO-Racers, tracks and vehicles and they look awesome! There are two roadshows touring around Australia starting form 16th October 2003 and going through until the end of Summer 2004.

So if you're in Australia this Summer look out for the Kapow PepsiMax team and grab a go on the PepsiMax GO-Racers, they're heaps of fun and you get to try the new Zero Sugar PepsiMax, so thats got to be all good!!!

Watch: Pepsi Max 'Day in the Life' Video

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