The GO-Racer GT offers a combination of excellence in workmanship, from the innovative design and engineering to the mechanics of assembly and quality control, so you may be confident with your purchase and safe with our product!

At the heart of the GO-Racer GT is a custom-made rear transaxle, which incorporates an ingenious limited slip differential and gearbox. This unit is maintenance free, compact and fully sealed, with no drive belts or chains to worry about. The limited slip differential provides easy turn characteristics, with the ability to accelerate and brake with only one rear wheel in contact.

The chassis is made from 3mm zinc plated steel, designed and built tough to handle the knocks.

The GO-Racer GT utilizes the latest fully sealed lead acid batteries that will not leak, are safe and other than charging, are non-maintenance. The 38Ah Batteries have plenty of power and can motor the GO-Racer GT for hours. As a safety feature the batteries are housed in a custom-made plastic battery tube, which provides a double insulation for the battery system. The handy battery tube makes changing battery packs simple, allowing you to double the ride time by simply changing to a stand-by battery pack.

The good-looking alloy wheels are coated with a hard wearing anti-marking, urethane tyre with ‘monster grip tread’. This allows the GO-Racer GT to be ridden on almost any surface, from basketball courts to ballrooms, even carpet! As an additional safety feature there is an anti-tilt wheel fitted at the rear of the GO-Racer GT, to prevent wheel standing when accelerating.

The steering system is positive, strong, non-nonsense, two-wheel action, with built-in steering stops and links that are of automotive quality. The steering system also features a two-part joint at the link end, so you can remove the body simply and quickly from the GO-Racer GT without undoing the steering links.

A compact and ultra reliable 5 AMP charger that has been specifically developed for use with the new GO-Racer GT. The charger has an alloy case and uses the latest switch-mode technology for a 100% charge every time, together with a light indicator and an easy charge plug fitting. It is safe and simple to use and is a set-and-forget unit, able to be left charging overnight to save time.

The sophisticated microprocessor speed control unit, slows the GO-Racer GT to a halt the moment the throttle is released.