Vodafone approached us looking to use the GO-Racer (Loo-Racer) as a unique way to launch their new PXT capable phones. They used the Loo-Racer in their TV and print campaign which saw the Loo-Racer featured in a 30 second TV commercial, which has been aired extensively in New Zealand and Australia on all the Television Networks. The campaign has been huge and very successful for Vodafone.

Watch: Vodafone PXT ad

Following on from this Vodafone were looking to tie the advertising campaign into some interactive promotional activities around the country. Vodafone approached us about holding a Loo-Racing event in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. At each promotion everybody that participated had their photo taken with the new PXT capable phones, which they could have it emailed anywhere in the world! Vodafone also gave away heaps of cool Vodafone stuff, with the major prize at each event being an Ericsson T68i phone! The events were heaps of fun and best of all hundreds of people got to have a go on the Loo-Racers that were featured on the TV ads. Good on ya Vodafone for pushing the boundaries!

Click on the below pics to get a better look.

Auckland Event - Aotea Square

First Loo-Racers ready to go

Cutting loose on the corner

Cam from Vodafone salutes his fans!

Wellington Event - Lambton Quay

Loo-Racing with street appeal!

Girl beats guy -
no surprises there

Westpactrust crew hard at work!

Christchurch Event - Cathedral Square

Nice style in the corner

Everyone's a winner today

Big ups for Vodafone

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